To celebrate five years of Super Rare Games, we’re running a plaque giveaway!
It will run from the 8th of March (Today) until the 13th of March 11:59pm GMT. :alarm_clock:



You have a chance to win the following plaques:


Machinarium :robot_face:           Octahedron :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:      Tricky Towers :tokyo_tower:       Creaks :wood:
Dogworld  :dog:         Horace :tophat:         Flynn: Son of Crimson :fire:


Those with keen reading comprehension will notice there are more than five plaques here, this is due to how we draw the winners. Winners will be picked at random from entries in order 1-5, we’ll then contact the winners in order to make sure that they get a choice of plaques, the reason there are seven on the list is so that the last person picked isn’t left with only one choice but three! We believe this will be fair, and the leftover plaques may reappear in a future giveaway!

Club Members
All club members are automatically entered into the competition, so if you’re a club member, be sure to check your club emails on the 13th to see if you’ve been picked as a winner.

General Entry
The barrier for entry is spending any order of over £50 on between now and the 13th of March 11:59pm GMT. If you have any pending orders currently on the website (multi-bundles) that haven’t shipped yet, you are considered entered into the giveaway! So, please do not cancel your current orders. Each order is considered a single entry, so if you spend £100 on a single order, it isn’t considered two separate entries.

Super Rare Games reserves the right to update this page with any further rules or clarifications during the contest – please check here regularly for any updates.