Please read the rules and T&Cs very carefully in order for your entry to be validated!


Super Rare Originals is incredibly proud to be releasing its first title Grapple Dog on February 10th for the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam, alongside the incredibly talented developers at Medallion Games! 

To celebrate this fun, exciting, vibrant 2D action-platformer, and to embrace the growing speedrunning community surrounding the game, we have decided to give pros and newcomers alike the chance to put their Grapple Dog skills to the test.

From February 12th to February 28th, players on either the Steam or Nintendo Switch version of the game can participate by trying to complete World 1 the quickest and can submit their runs to the Grapple Dog page on – read carefully below for full details.

The prize pool is as follows:

$1,000 – 1st prize
$500 – 2nd prize
$500 – 3rd prize
$250 – 4th prize
$200 – 5th prize
$150 – 6th prize
$100 – 7th prize
$100 – 8th prize
$100 – 9th prize
$100 – 10th prize

To be considered, a full gameplay recording run of World 1 (Merry Mountains) must be submitted before the end of February 28th. A run starts from the moment you select ‘Play Stage’ on level 1-1, and ends when the “continue” button appears on the results screen appears at the end of 1-B REX.

A full run includes:
1-1 Outset Mountain
1-2 Blast Zone
1-3 Mushroom Grotto
1-4 Rocky Road
1-5 Cavern Crash


Rules/T&Cs for entering:
Fruit collectables, bonus levels, and gems are not required for a run to be permitted.

Only full, one-take runs are permitted. Submissions must include the full world 1 playthrough with no cuts, including the results screen. Infinite damage and infinite jump cheats are disallowed and can be seen by icons in the bottom left side of the screen, so obscuring that part will lead to disqualification. Using loading time removal hacks & tools are also not allowed. We highly recommend having a timer on-screen.

We highly recommend casually playing through World 1 first to unlock all the stages before your run – you do not need to refresh from a new save every time to unlock stages with gems

You should play via the standard modes of the levels rather than the time trial modes (this is so your level results screen accounts for the fruit + gem counts… more fruit may increase your time!)

Participants must create a account and submit their full run to this Grapple Dog game page under the World 1% category.

Runs can be submitted via Nintendo Switch or Steam gameplay. For sake of ease with recording and loading times, we would recommend the Steam version, but either are allowed.

There is no limit to the number of attempts you can make, but for the benefit of the moderation team’s time, we kindly request you try to only submit your best run.

Any speedrun tricks or workarounds found, including potential bugs, glitches, etc, are permitted unless Super Rare Games updates this page to state otherwise during the course of the contest.

Loading times may vary depending on platforms and systems. Runs will be timed from start to finish to include loading times, for sake of verification ease.

Entries will only be accepted if submitted between February 12th, 00:00am GMT, and February 28th, 11:59pm GMT


Prize T&Cs:

Super Rare Games is not responsible for any fees or taxes required for the transaction or receipt of any prizes. Substitute prizes will not be offered and the prize cannot be given to anyone but the user that has submitted a winning run. We cannot accept runs that have not been submitted correctly. All decisions made by Super Rare Games on all matters related to this contest are final.

Upon validation, the prize will be transferred via a PayPal email address. Super Rare Games will contact the winner via a message to their account from our SuperRareGames user account to validate the identity of the winner. We will congratulate the winner and ask for their email address (in case further information is required) and their PayPal address. We will only make contact through this method and will never ask you to send us any payments as proof of identity. Super Rare Games is not responsible for the actions of any other participants or parties for the duration of the speedrun event.

Moderators will validate runs and their decisions are absolutely final. Super Rare Games’ decision regarding winners are final and winning positions can be revoked for any reason Super Rare Games deems fit, including but not limited to: our own perception of cheating, insufficient evidence of runtime, foul play, online abuse to ourselves or other participants, failure to respond to an attempt to contact you. Decisions made at competition close by Super Rare Games are final – in the unlikely event that the community decides to disqualify a winning run from the leaderboards after the competition is closed, this does not mean that prizes will be afforded to runner-ups. Decisions made by the community and moderators after this event do not reflect Super Rare Games or are decisions.

Super Rare Games and Medallion Games employees cannot take part in this contest (duh).


Super Rare Games reserves the right to update this page with any further rules or clarifications during the contest – please check here regularly for any updates.