Please read the rules and T&Cs very carefully in order for your entry to be validated!


Super Rare Originals + Cuddle Monster Games is incredibly proud to be launching LONE RUIN on Nintendo Switch eShop + PC (via Steam) on January 12th!

To celebrate the launch of our 2nd original game release, we’ve decided to put your magic skills to the test, with a chance to win some game keys or just plain ol’ cash. 😎

From January 13th to January 20th, players on either version of the game can participate by attempting to beat other entrants with the highest score on the Survival Mode – Hard difficulty leaderboard. Read carefully below for full details.

The prize pool is as follows:

$750 – 1st prize
$200 – 2nd prize
$50 – 3rd prize
+ 10 other entrants will be selected to win a digital Switch or Steam key for LONE RUIN (to give to a friend), or Grapple Dog

To be considered, play through the Survival Mode in Hard difficulty, and post your score on Twitter using #LONERUINSCORE. We must be able to verify your run – we recommend screenshotting the end screen with your name on the leaderboard. Don’t worry if you’re not at the top – you’re only competing against other entrants, not the full leaderboard, and there are random game key giveaways! 😉


Rules/T&Cs for entering:
Runs can be submitted via either the Nintendo Switch or Steam gameplay. Only verified runs in Survival Mode – Hard difficulty will be valid. We can only accept scores posted on Twitter using the correct hashtag (otherwise we simply won’t see it!)

There is no limit to the number of attempts you can make, but for the benefit of the moderation team’s time, we kindly request you try to only submit your best time.

You can only win once; i.e. you cannot win 1st and 2nd prize with different scores. However, the digital key giveaways have no requirements, and it is theoretically possible that a prize winner will also be awarded a key.

We reserve the right to update this page with additional rules if any tricks or workarounds are found that we deem to be unfair and not in the spirit of the competition, including potential bugs, glitches, etc, and this may be applied retroactively to all submissions.

Entries will only be accepted if submitted between January 13th, 00:00am GMT, and January 20th, 11:59pm GMT

Prize T&Cs:

Super Rare Games is not responsible for any fees or taxes required for the transaction or receipt of any prizes. Substitute prizes will not be offered and the prize cannot be given to anyone but the user that has submitted a winning run. We cannot accept runs that have not been submitted correctly. All decisions made by Super Rare Games on all matters related to this contest are final.

Upon validation, the prize will be transferred via a PayPal email address. Super Rare Games will contact the winner via a message to their Twitter account from our SuperRareGames user account to validate the identity of the winner. We will congratulate the winner and ask for their email address (in case further information is required) and their PayPal address. We will only make contact through this method and will never ask you to send us any payments as proof of identity. Please keep your DMs open to be contacted; Super Rare Games reserves the right to select another winner if we are unable to contact you.

Super Rare Games is not responsible for the actions of any other participants or parties for the duration of the event.

Super Rare Games will validate scores and their decisions are absolutely final. Super Rare Games’ decision regarding winners are final and winning positions can be revoked for any reason Super Rare Games deems fit, including but not limited to: our own perception of cheating, insufficient evidence of score or validity, foul play, online abuse to ourselves or other participants, failure to respond to an attempt to contact you. Decisions made at competition close by Super Rare Games are final – in the unlikely event that a winning run is found to have been falsified after the competition is closed and the prize awarded, this does not mean that prizes will also be afforded to runner-ups. Decisions made by the community after this event do not reflect Super Rare Games or our decisions.

Super Rare Games and Cuddle Monster Games employees cannot take part in this contest (duh).

Super Rare Games reserves the right to update this page with any further rules or clarifications during the contest – please check here regularly for any updates.