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From the creator of Hell is Other Demons comes Lone Ruin, a spell-based roguelike twin-stick shooter with tons of replayability. Play as an explorer who seeks a mysterious ancient power in an old ruin, built atop a source of magical goop used by olden mages to power and transform themselves. Dive deeper and deeper, battling your way through twisted creatures, utilising your very own magic abilities to ultimately reach the bottom of the Lone Ruin.


🌀 Enter the Lone Ruin… – Fight your way through more than a whole host of enemies and multiple bosses in several distinct, hellishly vibrant areas. Don’t let the horrifying creatures get the best of you!

🧙‍♂️ Abracadabra? – Combine tons of varied spells and optimise them with equippable gems, allowing you to optimise your fighting style while deciding your path. Which magical setup combo will prove most effective for you?

🌀 Juicy visuals! – Presented in a unique semi-3D pixel art style, Lone Ruin’s popping colour palette makes every randomised level an action-packed treat for the eyes.

🧙‍♂️ A fallen city – A magical sludge of unknown origin, once used by mages to sustain their power, led to the downfall of an ancient city and its inhabitants. With the past citizens driven crazy and twisted beyond recognition, you arrive millenia later to make use of their treacherous energy source for your noble goal. Probably.