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Genre Roguelite, Top-down Shooter

OTXO is a violent top down shooter roguelite about entering an inexplicable mansion in search of your lost love. Face your inner demons and annihilate them with a massive variety of guns. Utilize Focus to dodge bullets while you kick down doors and eviscerate your enemies. Cut your way through various unique areas and uncover new allies that will help you, as well as secrets that unveil more of the Mansion’s chronicle.

You don’t remember coming here… but you remember why. She’s in there somewhere, and until you find her, you cannot leave.


  • 8 areas with over 150 hand-crafted rooms, randomly laid out so each run is unique
  • Over 50 abilities to acquire and utilize on runs
  • Unlockable weapons and abilities
  • Various enemy types to change the flow of combat
  • Gritty pulse pumping soundtrack